It all started in 1960’s with Mr. Yamin Widjaja, the owner of an electronic shop in Pasar Baroe, Jakarta’s busiest shopping district. From this shop, Mr. Widjaja was also the distributer of local Indonesian recording albums.

Mr. Yamin Widjaja, met key players and artist in the shop, and these interactions inspired him to create Eka Sapta Band, an instrumental pop musical group. He then established his own recording by late 1960’s. This time was the era of Bing Slamet, Idris Sardi, Kiboud Maulana, Ireng Maulana, Yopie Item and Benny Mustafa. This was the origination of Musica Studio’s

Sadly, in 1979, Mr. Yamin Widjaja passed, and left behind the business to his wife Mrs. Lani Djajanegara and their six children, Seniwati Widjaja, Sendjaja Widjaja, Soendari Widjaja, Indrawati Widjaja, Effendy Widjaja and Tinawati Widjaja who committed to retain Mr. Widjaja’s dream to be a leader in the music industry. The family proceeded with Musica Studio’s innovation and vision, focused on prioritizing human resources, it’s production management, and the the quality of the recording album productions.

Mrs. Djajanegara her adult children, along with a new appointed Board of Directors, together, has elevated Musica Studio’s what it is today, Indonesia’s largest music company.

Widjaja's Family (From Left to Right) : Effendy Widjaja, Tinawati Widjaja, Indrawati Widjaja, Seniwati Widjaja, Soendari Widjaja, Sendjaja Widjaja

Musica Studio’s long history of pioneering Indonesia’s music Industry began on September 9, 1970.

It all started with the ideas and hard work of Mr. Yamin Widjaja or as known as Mr. Amin Cengli, who has pioneered the business of recording Indonesian music since the late 50s and has continued to develop it through the emerging Indonesia music industry in the decades of 60s & 70s, and then, following it through the  80s, 90s until this millennium era. Starting with the Bali Label Records, Canary Records in the late 50s until the era of the 60s. Continued with Metropolitan Studio in the late 60s to early 70s, then changed its name to what is known as Musica Studio’s until this present era.

Musica Studio’s has always been the home and base camp of Indonesia’s prominent artists. The 1970’s was the era of A. Riyanto, Elvi Sukaesih, Ellya Khadam, Emilia Contessa, Inneke Kusumawati, Vivi Sumanti, Rhoma Irama and Ernie Djohan.

Other popular names started to rise in the 1970’s, such as Chrisye, Hetty Koes Endang, Rafika Duri, Rita Rubby Hartland, Elly Sunarya and Grace Simon with the emergence of disco-pop music in Indonesia.

The next decade of the 1980’s, further famous names like the legendary Iwan Fals, Ebiet G. Ade, Betharia Sonata, Harvey Malaihollo, Andi Meriam Mattalatta, and other artist were admired and popular throughout.

The 1990’s, was a brand new era for Musica Studio’s. A new global music trends of diversities and the rise of bands era, along with the popularity of new music dimensions and attitude, Musica Studio’s played an important role in establishing, creating, and developing the popularity and fame of new musical idols such as Nike Ardilla, Kahitna, Inka Christie, Trio Libels, Iwa K and Java Jive in motion.

The 2000’s that raised the names of Peterpan, Nidji, D’MASIV, Letto, Geisha, and Sheryl Sheinafia.

And recently released that raised the names of NOAH, Shakira Jasmine, Maizura, Difki Khalif, Stevan Pasaribu and the other new generation artists.