StereoWall is alternative rock band was established in 2012. This band started when Rama who met Mamed (Ramadhan) and decided to make a new band with newer, funkier, and fresher concept. It was the time when Cynantia Pratita (vocal), Rama (guitar), Usay (guitar), Ramadhan (bass) and Garda Nusantara (drum) gathered as a basic form of StereoWall.

However, two years later, the drummer Garda Nusantara passed away upon an accident. This band was once took a break for several months. We released our first EP in 2016 “Never Ending Drama”.

Long story short, now in 2022 StereoWall invites Rei (Inay) to contribute as co-producer to give a new color for our brand new music. For now on, Rei also fill the keyboard, synth, and guitar section for us.

Artist Management